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Found this one last week North Carolina and can’t figure out era it was made early ‘s – ‘s? It seems to be all mortis and tenon except top which seems only to be attached with glue and a couple old nails and the three long bolts 15″ on each side that go through front to back with wing nut on backside. Haven’t been able to find one similar construction on the web may not be searching using correct description Any help would be appreciated.

I have one like it, except my drawer is above the doors.

They offer cupboards, pie-safes, dry sinks, stools, quilts, vintage country a KY poplar step back cupboard dating to the early ‘s and a formal mahogany.

The pie safe, sometimes referred to as a pie cabinet, pie safe cupboard, or a pie chest, is a piece of furniture typically used to store pies. In the past, some people also stored meat, perishables, and other items inside of their pie safes. This piece of furniture first appeared in the U. These immigrants, eventually referred to as the Pennsylvania Dutch, created a stylish piece of furniture designed to hold baked goods. Pie safe origin can be traced back to the s.

Its popularity quickly boomed, and the pie safe was soon considered a crucial part of many American households. Not only were these safes used to store pies and other perishable goods, but they also prevented food from becoming spoiled or consumed by insects or vermin. Traditional pie safes are about the same size as a large bureau, with storage shelves that are often perforated. Most pie safes have doors on the front and sides that are ventilated using screens or tin plates with small holes.

In many instances, the holes punched in the tin plates feature a design or shape, such as stars or eagles. A pie safe with a punched tin front promotes air circulation throughout the cabin while preventing dirt, insects and even hungry children from getting to the baked goods inside. For this reason, a pie safe with tin doors is the most common type of safe. While proper circulation kept insects out and helped to keep dust and dirt to a minimum, it also prevented mold from developing on the baked goods.

Old Pie Safe Found > Need Help with Dating ? 6 Old Bolts w/ wing nut Attaching Front to Back

Old Prim Pie Safe Jenni Bowlin. Four pierced tin panels on front feature circle and snowflake des This old pie safe is in such prime condition. Original screen shows age and wear but is in excellent shape.

How Long Past the Expiration Date Food Will Still Be Okay to Eat there are plenty of creative ways to put it to use, from making bread crumbs to pie crust.

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How Long Past the Expiration Date Food Will Still Be Okay to Eat

Sources: For details about data sources used for food storage information, please click here. Food Storage – How long can you keep Tips How long does frozen chicken pot pie last?

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For Sale on 1stDibs – Primitive painted pie safe cabinet, circa s. Striking multi layer paint on face. Double cabinet top with double drawer base. Screen.

What’s Sold Recently The following photos indicate some of the greatest antiques we have sold in the past couple years Click on any image for more detailed photos. Nice smaller size so it will fit on a cupboard or small table. Original paint throughout. Original reigns, saddle, stirrups. Some damage to saddle as can be expected.

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The name can even differ from county to county in some areas. Some common ways that pie safes are known: Pie cabinet; Pie cupboard; Pie safe; Kitchen safe​.

Our Customers. Multi-item shipping discount available on two or more pieces. Add to cart to see rates. A country pine “pie safe” is a pantry cupboard to store fresh bakery with ventilating screens, dating from the ‘s. The original faded red paint with loads of charming wear and stains has been preserved with clear varnish. A label is embedded into the top reading “Monroe Drug Co. Doors have a warp from age, see photos.

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For a good part of the 19 th century, a very important piece of furniture sat in the middle of many kitchens — the pie safe. Also known as a pie cabinet, pie cupboard, pie chest, or kitchen safe, the pie safe helped to keep pesky insects, rodents, and dirt away from freshly baked goods. It is believed that the pie safe was first introduced in the United States in the s by German immigrants who would come to be known as the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Russ and Evans will try to provide information on the date of the furniture, where it was made and possibly the name of the cabinet maker. They.

A pie safe , also called a pie chest , [1] pie cupboard , kitchen safe , and meat safe , [2] is a piece of furniture designed to store pies and other food items. This was a normal household item before iceboxes came into regular use, and it was an important part of the American household starting in the s and continuing through the s. The pie safe was used to store not only pies, but bread, meat, and other perishables as well, to protect them from insects and vermin.

The shelves within the storage area are often perforated. The safe normally has two hinged doors on the front. These doors, and usually the sides, [2] are ordinarily ventilated either with tin plates with punched holes , or screens. The holes in the tin are often punched to produce an image such as a simple shape, or something more intricate like a church scene, eagles, and stars, or even a Masonic emblem.

Pie safes that are freestanding are ordinarily made with long legs to keep them away from the floor. Some are wall-mounted or suspended from the ceiling. In Cajun or Creole Louisiana , a pie safe is referred to as a garde-manger or a garde de manger. These items of furniture were considered utilitarian, as opposed to decorative, and were often coloured dull red, referred to as gros rouge. The origin of the name of chess pie may have come from the term “pie chest”, another name for a pie safe.

Pie safes are considered to be collectable antiques and are commonly reproduced.

Pie Safe Cupboard: What Is It? What Is It Worth?

Go to an antique show and you might see a pie safe, jelly cupboard or sugar chest. A pie safe, also called a kitchen safe, is easy to identify. It is a rectangular cupboard, usually with two doors that have pierced tin panels. Pies and other food items were safe behind the metal doors and kept fresh because air could circulate through the pierced holes. Popular from the midth century to the early 20th, it went out of use when refrigeration arrived.

A jelly cupboard is a Midwestern term for a two-drawer, two-door kitchen cupboard used for storage.

Primitive Pie Safe Cabinet This Primitive Pie Safe has been in the basement of our farmhouse for five generations, dating back into the ‘s. The openings in.

An antique pie safe is a cozy addition to a country home. Used for centuries to store cakes, pies, and other sweets away from flies and other pests, the pie safe is a versatile addition to any country kitchen. Pie safes are known by many different names, depending on what part of the country you are from. The name can even differ from county to county in some areas. Some common ways that pie safes are known:. The pie cabinet was most likely introduced to the United States by the German people that immigrated to Pennsylvania and became known as the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Despite the name they were used for more than pies. Everything from bread to cake was kept in a pie cupboard. The pie safe was an important piece of furniture.

History of the Pie Safe

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Pie Safe; Pine, 12 Tins, 1 Drawer, Geometric Design, Tall Square Legs. Antique Pie Safe Prices | guide, antiques priceguide, kitchen & household, America.

Hi all! I purchased this antique pie safe from someone off of facebook marketplace. The guy I bought it from said he got it from a woman who said she took it off a farm in East Texas. It was in pretty rough shape when I got it. The top wasn’t fully secured to the bottom, several hinges had snapped, there was thick crud in the mesh, a layer of grime, etc. I cleaned it up as best I could, secured the top and replaced several of the broken hinges. It still doesn’t stand completely straight, but I think that adds to its charm for now.

From what I can tell, the bottom, and drawer bottoms were recently replaced. The back and one of the sides were very warped and clearly water damaged at some point. There appear to be a few layers of paint. There were also blue flower stamps on the shelf top that looked to be straight out of the 70’s. I debated whether or not to keep them, but decided they didn’t quite go with my decor ha!

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